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Cloud-based management software for your apparel stores


  1. Specific for apparel stores, with advanced size and color management features
  2. Cloud-based software for managing everything through the web, no hardware needed
  3. Real time synchronization of stock levels through all the operations: items in/out, sales, returns
  4. Channel manager multi-level and multi-user
  5. Quick and easy to use, with easy products import from any other system
  6. Up to date with the latest marketplaces requirements
  7. Automated management of online sales, documents, shippings
  8. Insights for full understanding of sales trends
  9. Complement your e-commerce with the main marketplaces
  10. Free assistance via tickets, email and chat. Dedicated phone assistance with fee
  11. Private training and educational seminars
  12. Out-sourcing services for specific needs (photos, background removal, online store management, web marketing, etc.)
  13. Plugins for coupons, gift cards, special discounts
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Selling Doc is a specific software made for apparel store managers that want to control all the operations from a single interface: online and in store sales at the same time avoiding the risk of stock out, inventory management, fiscal documents, shippings, returns, insights and sales reports to maximize profits, supervising of the team members with different roles thanks to the multi user platform.


With Selling Doc you can manage easily and quickly your warehouse, purchase orders and sale orders, evaluate costs and revenues, sell via your e-commerce, eBay and Amazon.

You will be able to manage and monitor all your stores from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. Boost your sales by simplifying your operations and by monitoring effectively your activities.

Furthermore Selling Doc is constantly upgraded and automatically updated with more features such as customer fidelity programs and other online and offline marketing activities, to improve your sales and get the most of it.


Selling Doc is not only a software but a focused organization about the online sales world that will be able to show you techniques and strategies to take the most of the marketplaces: online seminars and other resources will be available for those who want to learn how to maximize online sales.

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